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Therapeutic exercises and physical agents  are widely performed in rehabilitation for locomotorium  deficits (orthopaedic deficits) such as osteoarthritis, however, effects of these interventions are still unclear. So our laboratory investigate development of those deficits and how therapeutic exercises and physical agents could address those issues.  We use several animal models to perform multiple-aspect analysis.

We foster human resources who are able to propose novel rehabilitation regimens to clinical situations,  based on the new evidences obtained from these studies. Moreover, in order to develop a field of regenerative rehabilitation, which is a novel and emerging field,  we cooperate with Kyoto University Hospital and Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA) etc. Our laboratory is currently pursuing the following research projects.


As articular cartilage has limited healing capacity, articular cartilage diseases such as osteoarthritis are still challenging problem. We investigate effects of therapeutic rehabilitation on osteoarthritis using animal models by performing exercise or physical agents such as  thermotherapy, cryotherapy and therapeutic ultrasound to restore  and regenerate the articular cartilage tissue as well as their motor function.

2)Regenerative Rehabilitation

With the development in regenerative medicine, it is  urgent to  establish relevant rehabilitation regimens to keep up. We work as a member of international consortium for regenerative rehabilitation, in particular we work on  basic researches for articular cartilage, peripheral nerve, and skeletal muscle.

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We are recruiting students and trainees from diverse backgrounds who want careers as leaders of the next generation in the Regenerative Rehabilitation.

Potential members have to be qualified as graduate students  (Master’s or Doctoral) in the Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Human Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University. Besides, joining as research students (prospective graduate students ) is another possibility. Anyone who considers the graduate admission or research student, or those who are just interested, please contact us. We would be happy to advise  about admission, researches, life in Japan, etc. Also, we would be happy to  give a tour of our laboratory.


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